The Algorithmics franchise:
open a chain of programming schools for children in your area
Algorithmics is
115 cities in 14 countries
In just a year of operation on the franchise market, a few dozen partners from different countries chose us
40,000 students
study on our platform. 94% of our students are satisfied with the courses
More than 200 schools
Programming education is conducted on the Algorithmics platform in a few dozen schools
What do you get at the start?
By purchasing an Algorithmics franchise, you are joining a community of entrepreneurs interested in business development and the future of their region. We provide our partners with everything necessary for development.
Ready-to-use courses for children
— Programming on Scratch Junior for children 5-7 years old
— Programming on Scratch for children 8-12 years old
— Programming on Python for children 11-14 years old
Teacher training
You find teachers and we'll test and train them to make the classes really educational and interesting for the children, which increases client LTV.
Methodological guidelines and materials for each lesson
Personal account manager
Who will help you quickly resolve any emerging issues or tasks.
Favorable franchising terms
6 month
starting a business
15 000 - 25 000$
minimal investments
1 month
first profit

Andrey Lobanov
Chief Executive Officer
We currently have schools in 84 cities in Russia and in 10 other countries, and we are looking for people with the same values as we have. People who, like us, will work hard at their jobs and love doing so.

Our goal is to take a leading position in children's programming education in Russia and around the world.
A set of training courses
that you can offer your students.
Scratch Junior
For children 5-7 years old
For children 8-12 years old
For children 11-14 years old
IT platform for teaching programming to children
Algorithmics knows how to make computer science lessons interesting. The same lessons get better every week.

We provide our partners with everything they need to conduct programming lessons:

  • Ready-made courses for children from 5 to 14 years old.
  • Methodological materials and instructions for each lesson.
  • A unified online platform for children and teachers.
Why programming?
  1. Programming is an in-demand profession. Programming skills are required in more and more fields.
  2. Programming develops thinking skills and the ability to solve problems and implement projects.
  3. Programming is interesting! The children create their own cartoons and games while realizing their creative potential.
Почему дети любят программирование
Интервью с учениками школы Алгоритмика
We work with love
The Student
24-hour access to tasks, as well as the ability to create their own cartoons and computer games
The Platform
More than 20 modules and 100 lessons, as well as 500 tasks in three training programs for children 5-7; 8-12 and 11-14 years old
The Teacher / Franchisee
Access to complete statistics on the progress of the entire class.
All the methodical materials are also on the platform
Send us a request and we will provide you with a detailed franchise presentation and financial model of your business
Partner reviews
The future is coming, and it's going to be digital. All people on the planet will be users of many devices, but those who want to be successful should understand the logic behind computer programs. This logic is called algorithm, and that's what it's all about. Algorithmics is the state of the art, world-class educational product. It's great for children as it understands their needs, desires, and interests.The level of difficulty can be adjusted for a different level of experience. It's great for teachers as each lesson is described in detail, all the learning materials are prepared, and the platform is really well-conceived. Finally, it's great for Algorithmics partners as the management team is supportive, friendly, and very professional. It's a pleasure working with Algorithmics.
Mike Kulikov
Algorithmics, Australia
We began introducing Algorithmics to Israeli children last year, and the results have fully met our expectations. The children are interested in learning and are very pleased with the results. When a 9-year-old child proudly shows their parents the game they created after a couple of months of classes, this inspires not only the child, but also their parents and the teacher. Gamification and the well-designed methodology contribute to rapid assimilation of the material and make the learning process interesting and easy. Support from the platform developers enables you to quickly resolve any issues that arise during the course. Excellent reviews and a low dropout rate during the courses instills confidence in the outcome of the project. Feeling like you're a part of this project is great!
Sasha Gorelik
Algorithmics, Israel
After we became Algorithmics partners, we not only received instructions on launching and managing the business, but also became participants in a big, professional team of specialists. We interact with them on a daily basis and discuss a wide variety of issues: from setting up advertising and communicating with parents to educating teachers and the children's progress. The considerable experience accumulated by our Moscow colleagues has made it possible for us to avoid a large number of mistakes and has helped us easily get through any problems that have arisen.

Due to my professional background, the educational aspect of the project has special significance for me. It is important to me that our school teaches the children skills that are in demand all over the world and does this with the help of modern teaching tools. The results are noticeable after just a few months of training: the children create multi-level, original projects and quickly navigate through complex technical concepts. All this proves that Algorithmics is certainly one of the most high-quality products on the Russian market of supplementary children's education.
Maxim Kasharin
Algorithmics, Tatarstan
The algorithm for starting the business
  • Familiarizing yourself with the terms of the franchise
  • Requesting information on the site
  • Receiving the presentation and financial development plan
  • Verbal consulting
  • Filling out the franchisee form
  • Detailed consulting on the opportunities and terms of partnering with Algorithmics
  • Agreeing to the terms of the contract
Conclusion of the contract
  • Your affirmative decision to work with us
  • An interview with the Chief Executive Officer
  • The joint decision to work together
  • The signing of the contract and the lump-sum payment
  • Searching for a location and coordinating the lease
  • Setting up the LMS and CRM systems (depend on country)
  • Recruiting and training employees
  • Placing advertising campaigns
The opening of the school
  • Conducting the first introductory lessons
  • Forming the groups and starting the educational process
What have we already prepared for you?
A step-by-step
startup algorithm
We will provide detailed instructions and templates for launching our programming school. We will consult with you and provide support at all stages - from opening the school to day-to-day functioning.
The technology
for promotion
We will share our experience in conducting advertising campaigns, both online and offline. We will provide you with visuals made in corporate style. We will make a site and give you layout models for advertising materials.
The technology for sales and customer retention
We will provide scripts for working with customers, set up your CRM and phone system, and implement an effective sales funnel. We will also be sure to send you instructions and standards for interaction with parents.

Teacher training
We will take on the testing and training of teachers, and we will hold webinars to answer their questions as they arise during the actual teaching process.

Constant additions to the educational courses
We will continue to develop new educational programs, so you will certainly be able to expand the range of educational courses available to your clients.

Language support
All our educational material as well as the platform are available in Russian, English and Spanish. For other languages we offer translation support with our professional team of translators.
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